Sunday, May 22, 2011


Santa Cruz is a pretty amazing unique little funky beach town, with bitchin’ beaches, a rad boardwalk, vibrant down town, and an open minded population that looks and acts like no other. Just a cool laid back ‘tripy’ vibe. The perfect place to screen our flick!
Lord and Lady Deal arrive the first day of the fest on a Monday(we screen on Saturday). “You’re here, so early?” Real Deal replies “We’re here to work”. And work they do for the next two days as Lady P and Real Deal promote, promote, PROMOTE... also making nice with the friendly people at the festival. Daily calls come into LA, reporting press articles and radio interviews.
I arrive on Thursday, meet all the fine folks at the festival, and then am immediately put to work... stickers go on cards to be handed out, posters are put up, and people are talked into coming to the show....
We’re pretty excited, but there’s still a downside. Hardly any pre-sale tickets have been sold, making Deal and I wonder ‘will the whole damn audience be standing up for the Q & A?’.  Lady P is extremely confident that is NOT going to happen.
We head to Stazz’s acoustic show at the Ugly Mug in Soquel. Everyone is blown away by her talent and we pimp our screening for the next night.
Friday rolls around and more of the cast and crew roll into Santa Cruz. Chris, Christopher, Sam, Tabetha, Bob, Gint, Gina, Santino, Tony... 
Screening time approaches, the Real Deal and I do a projector test, and then:
People start showing up. Lots of them. Guess people in Santa Cruz don’t usually buy pre-sale tickets for movies. We even see some of the people from Stazz’s show at the Ugly Mug.
The flick plays amazingly well, with the audience positively reacting through out. Q and A lasts about twenty minuets.  Cast and crew then hang out at the Crepe Place across the street, recapping the evening.
Saturday is the last day of the fest and Lord, Lady Deal, and myself have wonderful parting conversations with all the friendly folk we met before heading back on to LA, ready for our next film festival adventure. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Night of the Alien viewer reviews

Being a volunteer/helping out with hospitality coordination I went into the theatre knowing that a ton of members of the cast were going to be there. Hearing them cheer and clap during the beginning credits started the movie off with good energy and foreshadowed a film worth the excitement... Night of the Alien was an lol hilarious riot of a stoner yet identity seeking adventure! The story-line kept me interested and intrigued as to what would happen next and never failed to keep me surprised, laughing, and even grooving to the soundtrack. As over over the top (and even out of this world) as some of the characters were, its messages and depiction of human nature, love, and adventure seeking remained down to earth, realistic, and spot on for the demographic it represented. As a young adult myself I could personally relate to its identity (and love) seeking main characters. AWESOME JOB GUYS!
great movie and the whole concept was well performed and very entertaining loved it.
Totally blown away. Awesome flick!
Loved this movie! I went in without knowing what to expect and was blown away. Great acting, storyline, and dialog was awesome. Great job to the entire cast and crew!!!
Wow! What an amazing experience!!! Such a roller coaster ride of crazy characters, insane situations, incredible production value and a thoroughly exciting story. I loved it!
Completely outside the box, fantastical fun. Brilliant job by all involved.
Now that was a great road trip. Thoroughly entertaining performances by a great ensemble of actors. Laughed all the way through. Would love to go on that trip again!
OK, it's a future cult classic like Fear and Loathing in LV. But why should I care about these losers? And, yes, they are human beings and I was probably a boring stoner at that age too.
A fun and quirky movie with elements Cheech and Chong in its drug references and the chaos of those on the edges of society but with a lot of heart which comes through the great performances of the cast.
What a ride!! The characters, the music and the story were epic! I got to see it again
Ouch. It's been a long time since I've been physically angry with a movie for wasting two hours of my life. Verging on incompetent. Or maybe I just needed to be seriously ripped ... which clearly the filmmakers were.
A trip-e, entertaining, laugh-out-loud ride that I would like to take again! Amazing sound track, awesome cinematography, well developed characters and great fun!