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Saturday, December 26, 2009


First day of a four day stint at the mother of all locations, where one third of the entire movie is being shot. It’s 6AM, there is mucho to do, with lots to be loaded in, and two locations to be dressed. Once again we’re understaffed, so everyone is moving like mad to get everything ready.

Then some bad news. One of the actors, who’s in just about EVERY scene at this location, thought his call time was 8PM not 8AM! Dude is down in Orange county wrapping another shoot, but says he can get to down town LA at around noon. Do we re-cast him with one of the crew? Nah, just shoot around the guy and hope to god he actually does get here by noon.

First up, an exterior scene. But before we can start several of the crew have to move their rides because some guy who works in the building next door says we’re breaking the law by parking in front of his place. We aren’t, but it’s the first day, and don’t want to piss anyone off. It also becomes clear that shooting right by the railroad tracks, off a busy street, and under a flight path is going to be HELL on sound. Luckily everything else is pretty perfect.

First scene goes rather slowly. Everyone is still finding their way and the noise problem fully sucks, but just gotta live with it. The actor we’ve been waiting for finally shows(more than making up for lost time with his talent), we scout the area behind the building for our next locations, and once again get bogged down. This time, because there just wasn’t enough time to rehearse, so needed to flush some stuff out. 

Drude uses his amazing logistical skills and finds a great place to get lunch. KICK ASS MEXICAN FOOD!

We move inside, where everyone’s working fast and furious to keep this crazy ship afloat. Each crew member doing the job of at least three. Everything gets lit, dressed, and on we go. The Set General does most of the blocking cuz he’s now running and gunning all the coverage in his head. All we have time for is the absolute minim of set ups to stay on schedule, we’re already way behind, with a hard out. 

That hard out comes, and we live to fight another day.

photos by Suzan Jones 

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Our next day of shooting actually began the night before, driving home in the pouring rain, realizing there was no one to let us into the office where we were shooting the next day. A call goes into Donny Paradise. Done.

Up and ready to go the next morning, the Real Deal and Katia start dressing the first of the three rooms being used for three scenes. Of course each one needs to be totally changed. We also have to track down the Hipster extra, who luckily works at the office we’re shooting at.

First up, our first scene with the Alien, so there’s gonna be some make up. Unfortunately we’re once again way under staffed with Suzan Jones our set photographer and make up person also doing sound with Abby on boom. Good thing there’s only one set up for this scene, so it goes by pretty quick, complete with the Real Deal plugging and unplugging Christmas lights.

The Hipster extra arrives, desks have been moved around, fake gold CDs, logos, signs, and cleared posters have been put up. We’re ready for the next scene. Or are we? The Set General comes up with yet another cool idea, resulting in an unorthodox shot you’ll just have to wait for the movie to see.

Our courageous crew moves into the conference room. One of the walls is all glass, so there’s reflection issues galore, especially of the boom. A few flags, cards, and lots of tweaking later, problem solved. Only two set ups here so this goes by pretty quick too, including a little movement with a skateboard dolly.

Gina brings food!!!!!

We then move into the garage where the question of the day is, is there enough available lighting to do some green screen shots with a car? The Set General has borrowed some kenos, the crew holds up some fans, Danger rocks the car(which he owns by the way). It works. 

Jupiter James gets his hard out, the actors leave, the crew packs up and clears out.

photos by Suzan Jones

Sunday, December 20, 2009


It’s our first day of shooting, which happens after already pushing the date back because of 80% showers(a day which actually ended up being a clear one). We’re going for it, exteriors and all. Of course the day starts out with pouring rain. We’re all set up at a difficult to load in location, everyone is available. We have to do this.

The forecast calls for sporadic showers, so start rehearsing, waiting for the drizzle to dissipate. We then discover the amulet prop has been forgotten. A call goes into Kid Friendly, who’s driving the van(another BIG prop) to the location. The Kid has to drive back to West Hollywood, break into an apartment, and retrieve the amulet. Meanwhile, we decide to shoot the scene in the doorway, where the fact that it’s RAINING won’t really matter. The other set is still being built and can’t shoot there anyway because one of the actors isn’t available till the afternoon.

Most of the actors who are there have never met, so workshop the heck out of them, finding a comfortable place somewhat off book. By the lattice of coincidence two of the thespians playing Mexican ‘bad asses’ are both named Gonzalez. Julian Gonzalez looked hilarious in the get up he created for the part, even bringing a matching shirt for his cohort Hector Gonzalez. Would have been pretty funny, but the Real Deal pointed out how one of them had to actually look bad ass. The twin thing didn’t happen.

We then shoot a three page scene in three parts, fighting rain, airplanes, loud traffic, and an amulet that kept breaking. Yet, we get it done!

Our good pal and fellow cohort Gina brings over a wonderful lunch of homemade pasta .

Next up, a scene taking less than a minute of screen time, with a set that took about three days to create. The Real Deal, with help from Katia, created a dark carefully crafted lair for the Lord of Evil and Darkness in an empty room in the Kid Friendlies’ basement. An important scene establishing one of the lead characters so it had to be spot on, which it was! Lord Deal even went so far as to contact a coven, meeting up with the best witch in the world to get the props necessary to make everything authentic. We blocked the scene to get the angles of coverage necessary for Neil the Set General to best play it. One problem, the pagan alter is not in a place where it can be properly seen. We have a great respect for our pagan friends so moved some things around and wha-la, the alter is now in the shot. But the part of the set looking through the door isn’t, which was a bitch to get into this location. Can’t movie that. The actors do their thing, and it’s a wrap.

OR IS IT. It’s dark, POURING rain, and we need to load out down a long, narrow, dangerous set of concrete steps. What a sight, including four foot eleven sister Abby hauling a large table down the treacherous steps in a big ‘ol rain coat as buckets of water pours on down.

photos by Suzan Jones

Saturday, December 19, 2009


In no particular order:

Neil Lisk -THE SET GENERAL - Superstar star DP of 15 features and counting

Rob Howeth - THE REAL DEAL - Producer and Production Designer of the gods, dude’s been doing this over 20 years

Pia Helm - LADY DEAL - Behind the scenes goddess, all over the set and all over the schedule.

Kelly and Suzan Jones - A LOVE STORY - Sound, Make up, Lighting, Set Photography, extra camera, our two person wreaking crew.

Zeke and Decklin Jones - SET KIDS - Holding stuff up, fanning smoke, hanging with Santio, and watching for trains!

Russell Scott and Pat Young - THE JET SET BOYS - Executive producing, resource throwing, marketing maniacs.


Katia Kaplun - FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE - Art Director who can make anything from anything.

Louis Iacoviello -YAK ATTACK - Ass kicking and acting.

Nick Blake - COUSIN NICK - Set Swing man, another 20 year plus movie guy, who does it all.

Abby Verdi - SISTER ABBY - Film student workaholic, filling in everywhere!

Gina Amodeo - THE BLONDE WONDER’S MOTHER - Providing locations, food, cat, and the blonde wonder.

Ben & Rachel - THE KID FRIENDLIES - Locations, wardrobe, props, Van, acting, reliability you can take to the bank.

Andrew Kastner - DRUDE - Web master, food getter, momentum keeper.

Hector Gonzalez - ONE HALF OF THE GONZALEZ BROTHERS - Real Deal right hand man, actor, moving muscle.

MORE coming for round two!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

5 days in

Round one of shooting has been completed and we’ve now got about one third of the movie in the can. There’s been some set backs, lots to fight through, but by sheer will are doing it, and doing it well. Our little crew has become a machine with EVERYONE covering multiple tasks and positions. It’s been non-stop work, when not waiting for the rain, planes, and trains. Each person on this shoot matters, motivation, sprits, and talent is high. Day by day recaps on the way


Spent my first day on set yesterday. The sets were great, the actors were excellent. This movie looks gooooood! We should have a cult classic on our hands. Cant wait to see it come together in an edit.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Man for all Seasons

Rob “the Real Deal” Howeth... is EVERYWHERE! Building sets, making schedules, driving trucks, buying beads, emailing covens, meeting witches, casting roles, finding lights, painting walls, predicting the weather. He’s got a lotta trucks, a lotta props, and a LOTTA movie making knowledge. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Some sets are so ‘there’ we can just show up and go. Others, are being built from scratch. The DP is English, Art Director Russian, Production Designer the Real Deal, who's also going to visit a witch tomorrow 'cuz that's what he does. He gets into character as much as the character does.

Monday, December 7, 2009


As she has since the beginning of time, mother nature is having her say in this production, raining out the first three days of shooting. Yet like every set back thus far, what seems like bummer actually becomes something positive. In this case, the extra time our stud British DP gets to meticulously go over the whole script with our stud production designer/producer/first AD/just about everything else Real Deal. These dudes work ALL THE TIME and listening to them discuss the the look and feel of the film is something like Browning and Keats waxing on poetry. Really, those few extra days are paying off big time.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


There’s those who feel the need to motivate every line, craft every gesture, create a back story for each article of clothing their wearing. Others just show up and play make believe. Our ditty has three in all but half a page of the script, that’s a lot of acting. Making a movie is similar to mixing music, each element representing a different part of the spectrum, we’ve been working on balance, picking spots to pop, finding those undercurrents and places going on underneath the story. It has to feel real.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Lots of locations, cast members, vacations, script revisions, MATH. See above for what it looks like.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Counting down to go time

The movie is cast, the locations have been found, the production team has been assembled. 90% there and the 10% anyone can do. We have reached critical mass. The Real Deal has snatched props at bargain basement prices from a liquidating Warner Brothers prop warehouse. Donny Paradise is glossing the script. The actors are bonding and working together. The good folks at Micro hits are spotting, Danger is penning tunes. Boltron got some hair!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Doing a feature on a budget of air ain’t no easy task and certainly ain’t for everyone. You gotta be crazy, REALLY crazy, and REALLY love what you do. As we move forward with this it’s become clear just how much ya need the flat out flexible bro down type. Personalities have become just as important as talent, luckily folks with great personalities are usually pretty talented. You need people willing to go with the flow, especially when there’s not that ‘origination’ professionals types are so used to. You need troopers willing to have an inconvenient day or two or twenty just to get it done. A bunch of weird-ish artistic types as opposed to the full time ‘real’ jober, trying to make a project somehow fit into their already slammed schedule. Stone cold pros who understand this is not some ‘tent pole’ production, but just a bunch of people pooling their talent to make something cool, non-traditional thinkers who flat out love making movies. GETTING THEM MADE!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lucky's lair

Here's a camera test that turned into an interview that turned into a location. Real Deal approved!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


One of the most underrated positions in any production is that of production designer. Ya know, the person responsible for the whole tangible look of the film. They must be a master of sets, art direction, props, color schemes, EVERYTHING. And we got our little selves one of the best Rob ‘THE REAL DEAL’, who’s been on fire scouting locations, collecting props, and coming up with scheduling ideas for making a movie on a budget of air. Today he found a slam dunk for the mother of all locations, and there he stands in the pic. We HAIL you Real Deal, for all your attention to detail, great taste and eye, but mostly for all that passion for making any project no matter how big or how small be the best it can be

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Julian's screen test

Julian Gonzalez, one of our promising young actors, talks about Miley Cyrus

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Real artists. Those who operate out of a need to create. Those who aren't afraid to take chances. Those who own it! Those...who can afford to give it away....


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


FINALLY found out why Bliss Cannon missed the pow wow.... Bliss was OUT WITH THE BARON, plundering the night away in a non stop barrage of wine, women, and song... none of which were flat. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Drude, Donny, & a web site

Drude creates entertainment magic with the likes of the Count, the Ducati, and Stony. Donny Paradise throws down the fun with this twin brother Shaun Paradise, Jupiter James, and Lucky Charm. So why the heck not bring these two forces of page planning nature together to form an unholy alliance of EPK web site greatness? It’s what they both do after all(see Donny’s conference room below). The web site’s lil ‘ol link is on the upper right.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It with great pleasure that I am working with Vaughn on his movie. The website is coming along great, any suggestions would be appreciated. Drude

Monday, October 19, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009


The core group involved have multiple skill sets and can cover most aspects of production. The team owns most of the gear needed for principle photography, and has everything needed for post. Many have worked together on past productions, with a good feel for each other. This will not be a traditional film set.  Above and below the lines will be blurred.  The crew will work hard, with one common goal, to make a great movie.

The script is high concept, but easy to shoot with very little money, and the lack of budget works well with the fast paced, run and gun visual tone of the film. The story is also contained, with a small cast, no stunts, no complex special effects, no extras, and easily controllable locations.

One of the biggest challenges will be ‘getting the film in the can’, or rather the video onto a P2 and SDHC card, and doing so with minimal resources and little or no money for the cast and crew. Things will be kept simple, and there will be minimum lighting set ups or detailed shot lists. Five to fifteen pages will be shot per day, and we have a very talented group of actors who can pull it off.  This will be a project of passion, dedication, and love for all those involved.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Of Blue Velvet, Dennis Hopper said he had to play Frank Booth because he was Frank Booth. Is this how the Child Of The Universe feels about Boltron?

(This is a good Lynch interview and he discusses his newfound interest in digital video.)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

our master of ceremonies

The Twilight Zone has Rod Serling... we got DYLAN

Thursday, October 8, 2009

And In Other News. . .

I decided to accompany #1 on a secret mission to the small and virtually unknown country of Tralfamadore, a poverty-stricken locale with a crumbling infrastructure. (Side note: we also took alone the bridesmaids from the Boston wedding, who relocated to Tralfamadore to try to recover from heartbreak suffered as a result of Bliss Cannon's abandoning them and running off with the --err--"former" bride).
While #1 was off in the mountains, on various super-secret humanitarian aid missions, the ex-bridesmaids and I commissioned the building of the country's first hotel where I promptly held a press conference for our movie, NIGHT OF THE ALIEN (pictured here). The event went remarkably well with 99.999% of the country's population exhibiting extreme support and excitement for the movie. On the way back to Los Angeles, aboard an unmarked jet, I spoke to #1 about trying to get Tralfamadore electricity, popcorn and a movie theatre prior to our film's release. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

WELL! Bliss Cannon is at it again. I traveled to an undisclosed location--we'll just say it's a bustling metropolis on the East Coast--to officiate a wedding only to discover Bliss Cannon was also in the same city, claiming it's his birth city. He followed me to the wedding where he so awed all the ladies that the two smitten bridesmaids (pictured here) actually ran off with him BEFORE the wedding even began. In fact, there was quite a brawl later when the groom found the bride-to-be doodling "Mrs. Bliss Cannon" all over some extra wedding programs. Note to all of the ladies out there: do NOT take Bliss Cannon to a wedding if you want the bride-to-be to actually get married.


To make a movie in Hollyrock you need -

1. A Producer/Production Company, but you can't attract one without MONEY or a star.

2. A star, but you cant attract one without MONEY.

3. Some MONEY, but you cant raise any without a star.

Hmm...guess Hollyhood's out. Who needs them! We'll go it alone!!!

We have the script. We have the Auteur. We have some peeps to help produce. We have some great actors (my self not included). We have a camera. We can edit. We may even have a bad ass DP and Art Director...who need MONEY to live and feed newborn babies.

Back to $$$...Darn. I guess we need some MULA after all.

All in favor of the Auteur selling himself for sex or science say I...

Monday, October 5, 2009


I think we will all agree that most movies suck today. They are paint by numbers. By committee. Heartless and dull. This is because the suits run hollywood and they have completely stripped the art from film. We are in the darkest period of film making ever, where art has become a dirty word. The seventies were perhaps the renaissance and this is the post-renaissance, where prints are being made from art which once was. (remakes and sequels anyone???) To make matters worse, the HUMANOIDS are still filling the seats, coming out in droves to see giant flying 3D shit dance around before their eyes. It's not their fault. They have been programmed to think want this shit. Anything that challenges them is met with disdain. "That movie was slow!" They think they want Fast and Furious Popcorn Flavored with Fluffernutter...

...and the artist has become the ALIEN.

The tied has begun to turn, however, as the artist spirit is working hard to change this, inventing the technology to make and distribute its own films without the committee. It is evolution. Science. Destiny... Who needs Panavision anymore? Who needs a Telecine, or an Avid for that matter? Who needs the suits to market or distribute the film? From out of the darkness, a wave of light is growing and it's about to engulf. We have entered a new era my friends. This is the dawning of the age of the IN-TRA-NET...


And now, back down to earth...

...the suits are working hard to gobble up the web. They own it, they control it, but they cant control what the people are watching yet, more specifically, the young people. This is the younger generations cultural revolution, and fortunately, we are still young enough to be a part of it (most of us anyway). The hour has come my friends. The time is ours. THE ALIENS HAVE THE SUITS ON THEIR HEELS! Our funky-fresh, fast and furiously funny ALIEN movie shall rule!!!!!!!

...damn...I need some more coffee.

Important side note - This movie is going to kick ass!!! We all love the script! We all love the ideas in it! We all love VV, our fearless bespectacled leader! We all love busting our asses for months/years on a project that may never see the light of day! We all love being broke! WE ARE THE ALIENS! Some of you have done this twice before together already! I was involved once! LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!

Another important side note - I love this blog! It induces the same feeling our ALIEN must have out in the desert - lost, alone and ALIENATED.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Comparing Cameras

Below is some raw footage shot with the HMC150 and the HVX200, both brought to you by Panasonic. The 150 was pushed in a bit in FCP to get similar angles. The 150 is more contrasty, the 200 more soft. Not so sure about cutting between cameras with in a scene, but think it’ll be okay scene by scene.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Santino’s screen test

Shot on the HMC150 in low light. He’s really into Warhammer.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


An empty parking lot on a scorching hot day, a party van, a Panasonic HMC150, HVX200, some green cloth, a couple of actors, Kid Friendly, Sweet Kenny cup cakes. Exactly what ya need to get an idea of work flow, how our cameras cut together, and checking how the actors cast so far are getting along with their roles. 

Actors, fine. Cameras, so far so good, making the format conversions and will be cutting together this week. As for work flow? Would LOVE to ALWAYS have a first AD. No desire to direct and operate. Not sure about the line of traditional shooting versus hand held. Going to need a slate FOR SURE. Pics of the adventure below.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Next Phase

Well, I'm finally on board, having successfully moved onto the next tier of our ever-accelerating technological expanse! It doesn't get any easier, but figuring out how to navigate these mechanistic waters -- or would "galaxies" be a more apt term here -- does leave one with a glowing sense of satisfaction, not to mention relief at once again not having been left behind. No one wants to be Major Tom -- though who knows what that astronaut ultimately encountered as he drifted away into that cosmic black hole, never to return?

Anyhow, I digress. I am a former exotic dancer and am in the process of writing a book called The Naked Ballerina: Diary of a Professional Tease; I also am a graduate of Columbia University in New York City and received my Master's degree in Psychology in Los Angeles. The topic of my final dissertation was strippers, respectfully known as ecdysiasts, or "clothes taker-offers," their motivations, and life circumstances; I wanted to know in depth what led them to decide to dance if other work options were available to them, and how therapists could be most helpful to them if they, the exotic dancers, were to decided to enter therapy. The title of my thesis was From the Cradle to the Stage: The Developmental Evolution of Eight Ecdysiasts with Implications for Therapeutic Contributions – A Qualitative Study; it's flying around the Internet somewhere since it was registered with The Library of Congress and subsequently published.

But enough of my academic history. Now I'm on board here, to answer any questions that might arise pertaining to practically anything that might occur to one at any given time on the following issues: sexual pathology, addiction (I'm certified to do drug addiction and alcoholism counseling), and psychopharmacological pathology, i.e. mental disorders generally treated with medication in addition to therapy.

It's a real treat and an honor to have been asked to do this, and a terrific way for me to refresh myself between bouts of working on other writing projects -- so please ask away, send me your comments, opinions, rants, emotional regurgitations, and whatever else piques your fancy -- it'll help keep me motivated. Writing can be a lonely business -- bring it on!

~ Naked Ballerina

Thursday, September 24, 2009


A couple of trailers made for the project were actually up on youtube, but today they magically disappeared...  much of the story is pretty weird and other worldly, so decided to ground as much of it in reality as possible. The only character who looks even remotely similar is the middle-aged medieval reenactment battling dude. He’s not so secretly in love with the hipster chick, and as a token of his love gives her a great big bag of prescription drugs to take on a trip through the desert in order to get a free fish tank she found on Craig’s list. There he is below.

Oh, and Ladies.... even more PROVOCATIVE pics of Bliss Cannon are on the way

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Look into those eyes

Wait! Not too closely if you’re a female. They have powers. Super powers. As a favor to woman everywhere, there will always be a pic of Bliss Cannon on the front page of this blog. But be warned, last he spoke it was less about the bliss and more about the CANNON.

There’s been a little planning and there's been a little scheming with BRUSHBRAIN and DANGER, planning and scheming about what’s gonna get cooked up with CGI & music. Studio movies kinda feel like on big mad lib, don’t they? Same ‘ol predictable dumbed down... you know. Well. We, are gonna do things another way. Make something that doesn’t look or feel like everything we’re ‘programed’ to go see. Imagination, go full auto ape shit!!!! Please?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This being a road ‘trip’ movie we needed to find some sort of vehicle to transport our protagonists on their wacky adventure. Hence the PARTY VAN seen above. Said mobile  belongs to fellow artistic crazies the Kid Friendlies, who’s members consist of KID FRIENDLY and his lovely wife WHITE GOLD. K Friendly rivals, actually in some ways surpasses, the All American Success Story in all around success average. The ONLY thing Mr. Friendly feels he lacks is a singing voice similar to Lou Graham, Mike Reno, or the Department of Rock’s Chaz Ross. But the Kid is working on it, and is usually hot tonight.

Now of course we aren’t going to be actually driving this thing around. No. We, are gonna use this little trick called a GREEN SCREEN along with another little trick called COMPOSITING. For in the tradition of Ed Wood meets John Cassavetes we have chosen to shoot a story who’s tone allows us to ‘show the cracks’, in other words this ain’t Transformers Two, so just sit back and enjoy the damn story!

Posted tests coming to a little blog near you

Monday, September 21, 2009

How the heck are we even doing this???

Owning our own gear and lotsa freaking multi-tasking that’s how. Gotta HMC150 in use 24-7, Raz has a HVX200 for all those double cam days, there’s a few other HD cams laying around with some bros to snag as needed. The 150 & 200 have the same chips, so should match pretty good(tests coming soon). We’re approaching this with a style that won’t require lots of time lighting and luckily our network has enough shining orbs to snag along with other esoteric and useful grip goodies. Our crew, THE MULTI-TASKERS, is gonna be VERY small, running and gunning, preferably at locations that won’t need no ‘dressing’. Back in yonder days of yore 22 pages a day was shot like this,  LONG days indeed. Multi cams also helps with the audio, where we’ll be using shoot guns and lavs. 

For all that post jazz, there’s at least three FCP suites between the usual suspects, along with after effects, pro tools, and other making it happen goodies. And yes, we do actually know how to use the stuff, only this time it ain’t gonna be wielded for the man. 

The glue holding all this together? Well, that is none other than the producing skills of the gang, who KNOW in order to make an experience where no one’s even getting remotely paid enjoyable... is to be organized!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why the heck are we even doing this???

Why? Why would anyone put endless hours of hard to work into making a movie with about a 99.99999% chance of NOT getting any theatrical release, any kind of distribution, hell, this flick will most likely not even be seen by anyone except for our friends. There’s no stars, no blood nor gore, nudity, special effects. Ain’t no genre film, which ya pretty much have to do on an ultra low budget, right? Why? Why all this thankless work, only to get shut down, ignored, and rejected. That’s what THEY tell you.

Well? Why not? Sometimes a few seemingly insane people are just crazy enough to actually make a movie. Wait for it.... just for the sake for making the damn thing. It’s liberating in a way, not having to answer to anyone, feeling free to push boundaries, creating on your own terms. Why the heck do we it in the first place? Ah, because we love it. Struggling through a project facilitates building relationships, provides a vehicle to show what one can do outside a system dictating what it thinks the market thinks is cool. One might call it TAKING THE POWER BACK... even, yes even, if it only amounts to manifesting the artistic passion within ourselves. Can I get an Amen?

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Some footage shot with the HMC150 at Bliss Cannon’s lair and Father Barry’s. The  files are HUGE, quite a bit of time to export and upload, even with a mac pro tower. Listen carefully for Bliss’s excitement when shown the focus assist. If that HMC150 could only have been pointed the other way, then everyone could see the Cannon in his shiny silk dragon embroidered robe and pull away pants. Bliss is ALWAYS ready for action when it comes to the ladies.... Father Barry’s also on board for using his collar to help score us some locations!

Ladies, read at your own risk

Some Panasonic HMC150 testing happened with none other than BLISS CANNON. 4 billion women in the world right now, 4 BILLION of them, are missing out on the best sex of their life ‘cuz they ain’t laying with the Cannon in the biblical sense this very moment. By his own admission “I don’t date. I make fantasies come true”. Bliss is the master of the soul gaze, a tantric god between the sheets, and one hell of an audio mixer. He took the camera out of the case and went to work shooting stuff around his house. His version of FCP doesn’t work in AVCHD natively, so checked the footage out in apple prores. Looking good... more testing to come... THAT'S BLISS IN THE PIC!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Santino, oh Santino

That little Shaun Cassidy should not even exist in this world, women love him, men want to be him, transgendered folk want to give stuff to him. But the twenty eight dollar question is, will we? Can we? cast him???
WORD, from Santino’s mom - "the ethereal ten year old is essentially santino.  especially a kid with a cat.  yeah, that's a perfect fit.  would santino do it?  that's a good question. when he was in second grade, he auditioned and got the lead in an "anansi" musical--  his after school program used to do little films and he was once cast as an alien b/c he could do the vulcan finger split. i'll tell him about the story--i think he'll like it, especially the part about bringing the cat back to life.”

Monday, September 14, 2009

Crook of Love

Today a script was passed to Crook for consideration of the character who never EVER speaks. He had a nice young lady in tow from out of town. But then again Crook is a good looking young rocker who plays by his own rules. Our last venture was this ill-fated reality show combining Crook’s love of adult entertainment with his love of Eastern philosophy. Renaissance Man, where good looking young Renaissance Man(Crook) dates a group of good girls while teaching them how to be bad, along with a group of bad girls he teaches Eastern philosophy. Wait? Yeah, that was it. Needless to say, it didn’t get any traction. 

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lunch with Danger

Making a rare appearance was none other than that dark imposing musical genius Danger. Precious time with his girlfriend usually fills his weekends with beachside tropical exotic delight. But today we got a chance to recap the maiden production meeting with the All American Success Story and Sweet Kenny. Danger couldn’t help snickering whilst imagining the sweet one transformed into a mentally challenged window washer, who fittingly becomes a grandly emoting Englishman after downing a strong cocktail of drugs. We discussed a theremin theme for the alien and what style of music King Taco’s band would be playing.