Friday, October 16, 2009


The core group involved have multiple skill sets and can cover most aspects of production. The team owns most of the gear needed for principle photography, and has everything needed for post. Many have worked together on past productions, with a good feel for each other. This will not be a traditional film set.  Above and below the lines will be blurred.  The crew will work hard, with one common goal, to make a great movie.

The script is high concept, but easy to shoot with very little money, and the lack of budget works well with the fast paced, run and gun visual tone of the film. The story is also contained, with a small cast, no stunts, no complex special effects, no extras, and easily controllable locations.

One of the biggest challenges will be ‘getting the film in the can’, or rather the video onto a P2 and SDHC card, and doing so with minimal resources and little or no money for the cast and crew. Things will be kept simple, and there will be minimum lighting set ups or detailed shot lists. Five to fifteen pages will be shot per day, and we have a very talented group of actors who can pull it off.  This will be a project of passion, dedication, and love for all those involved.

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