Thursday, July 14, 2011


Dances With Films, now in its 14th year, renowned as one of the last truly independent film festivals, champions the unflinching spirit at the very core of the independent film scene. While the vast majority of film fests rely heavily on celebrity, DWF relies on the innovation, talent, creativity and sweat equity that has always revolutionized the entertainment industry. And that reliance continues to prove successful with alumni moving on to write and direct celebrity-studded vehicles, star in blockbuster movies and network series, produce multi-million dollar films and create hit TV shows, even OSCAR® nominees... In a world of formulaic, homogenized film festivals Dances With Films continues to break the rules and bring you tomorrow’s stars today.
This was a really fun festival where someone from NoA participated at least one of the daily events every day. We had a lot of fun watching the movies, attending the panels, going to brunches, parties, but mostly meeting all the great people involved!!