Monday, October 5, 2009


I think we will all agree that most movies suck today. They are paint by numbers. By committee. Heartless and dull. This is because the suits run hollywood and they have completely stripped the art from film. We are in the darkest period of film making ever, where art has become a dirty word. The seventies were perhaps the renaissance and this is the post-renaissance, where prints are being made from art which once was. (remakes and sequels anyone???) To make matters worse, the HUMANOIDS are still filling the seats, coming out in droves to see giant flying 3D shit dance around before their eyes. It's not their fault. They have been programmed to think want this shit. Anything that challenges them is met with disdain. "That movie was slow!" They think they want Fast and Furious Popcorn Flavored with Fluffernutter...

...and the artist has become the ALIEN.

The tied has begun to turn, however, as the artist spirit is working hard to change this, inventing the technology to make and distribute its own films without the committee. It is evolution. Science. Destiny... Who needs Panavision anymore? Who needs a Telecine, or an Avid for that matter? Who needs the suits to market or distribute the film? From out of the darkness, a wave of light is growing and it's about to engulf. We have entered a new era my friends. This is the dawning of the age of the IN-TRA-NET...


And now, back down to earth...

...the suits are working hard to gobble up the web. They own it, they control it, but they cant control what the people are watching yet, more specifically, the young people. This is the younger generations cultural revolution, and fortunately, we are still young enough to be a part of it (most of us anyway). The hour has come my friends. The time is ours. THE ALIENS HAVE THE SUITS ON THEIR HEELS! Our funky-fresh, fast and furiously funny ALIEN movie shall rule!!!!!!!

...damn...I need some more coffee.

Important side note - This movie is going to kick ass!!! We all love the script! We all love the ideas in it! We all love VV, our fearless bespectacled leader! We all love busting our asses for months/years on a project that may never see the light of day! We all love being broke! WE ARE THE ALIENS! Some of you have done this twice before together already! I was involved once! LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!

Another important side note - I love this blog! It induces the same feeling our ALIEN must have out in the desert - lost, alone and ALIENATED.


  1. Dude, that was a great post!!!

  2. lets hope it lives up to the potential of Smack!

  3. Well said, my Earthbound friend. The truth shall and always does set you free.