Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Next Phase

Well, I'm finally on board, having successfully moved onto the next tier of our ever-accelerating technological expanse! It doesn't get any easier, but figuring out how to navigate these mechanistic waters -- or would "galaxies" be a more apt term here -- does leave one with a glowing sense of satisfaction, not to mention relief at once again not having been left behind. No one wants to be Major Tom -- though who knows what that astronaut ultimately encountered as he drifted away into that cosmic black hole, never to return?

Anyhow, I digress. I am a former exotic dancer and am in the process of writing a book called The Naked Ballerina: Diary of a Professional Tease; I also am a graduate of Columbia University in New York City and received my Master's degree in Psychology in Los Angeles. The topic of my final dissertation was strippers, respectfully known as ecdysiasts, or "clothes taker-offers," their motivations, and life circumstances; I wanted to know in depth what led them to decide to dance if other work options were available to them, and how therapists could be most helpful to them if they, the exotic dancers, were to decided to enter therapy. The title of my thesis was From the Cradle to the Stage: The Developmental Evolution of Eight Ecdysiasts with Implications for Therapeutic Contributions – A Qualitative Study; it's flying around the Internet somewhere since it was registered with The Library of Congress and subsequently published.

But enough of my academic history. Now I'm on board here, to answer any questions that might arise pertaining to practically anything that might occur to one at any given time on the following issues: sexual pathology, addiction (I'm certified to do drug addiction and alcoholism counseling), and psychopharmacological pathology, i.e. mental disorders generally treated with medication in addition to therapy.

It's a real treat and an honor to have been asked to do this, and a terrific way for me to refresh myself between bouts of working on other writing projects -- so please ask away, send me your comments, opinions, rants, emotional regurgitations, and whatever else piques your fancy -- it'll help keep me motivated. Writing can be a lonely business -- bring it on!

~ Naked Ballerina

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