Monday, September 21, 2009

How the heck are we even doing this???

Owning our own gear and lotsa freaking multi-tasking that’s how. Gotta HMC150 in use 24-7, Raz has a HVX200 for all those double cam days, there’s a few other HD cams laying around with some bros to snag as needed. The 150 & 200 have the same chips, so should match pretty good(tests coming soon). We’re approaching this with a style that won’t require lots of time lighting and luckily our network has enough shining orbs to snag along with other esoteric and useful grip goodies. Our crew, THE MULTI-TASKERS, is gonna be VERY small, running and gunning, preferably at locations that won’t need no ‘dressing’. Back in yonder days of yore 22 pages a day was shot like this,  LONG days indeed. Multi cams also helps with the audio, where we’ll be using shoot guns and lavs. 

For all that post jazz, there’s at least three FCP suites between the usual suspects, along with after effects, pro tools, and other making it happen goodies. And yes, we do actually know how to use the stuff, only this time it ain’t gonna be wielded for the man. 

The glue holding all this together? Well, that is none other than the producing skills of the gang, who KNOW in order to make an experience where no one’s even getting remotely paid enjoyable... is to be organized!!!!

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