Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lunch with Danger

Making a rare appearance was none other than that dark imposing musical genius Danger. Precious time with his girlfriend usually fills his weekends with beachside tropical exotic delight. But today we got a chance to recap the maiden production meeting with the All American Success Story and Sweet Kenny. Danger couldn’t help snickering whilst imagining the sweet one transformed into a mentally challenged window washer, who fittingly becomes a grandly emoting Englishman after downing a strong cocktail of drugs. We discussed a theremin theme for the alien and what style of music King Taco’s band would be playing.


  1. lucky must've read this because he stopped by my car in the parking lot last night and left a note that said i had to be careful with the theremin because certain frequencies will cause the membrane between our world and it's surrounding dimensions to rip apart.

    i guess he's very concerned about seeing himself in the same dimension at the same time.

  2. might he be basing one of his would be porno movies on that same subject???