Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Look into those eyes

Wait! Not too closely if you’re a female. They have powers. Super powers. As a favor to woman everywhere, there will always be a pic of Bliss Cannon on the front page of this blog. But be warned, last he spoke it was less about the bliss and more about the CANNON.

There’s been a little planning and there's been a little scheming with BRUSHBRAIN and DANGER, planning and scheming about what’s gonna get cooked up with CGI & music. Studio movies kinda feel like on big mad lib, don’t they? Same ‘ol predictable dumbed down... you know. Well. We, are gonna do things another way. Make something that doesn’t look or feel like everything we’re ‘programed’ to go see. Imagination, go full auto ape shit!!!! Please?


  1. when bliss cannon was more about the bliss and less about the cannon i was in the gym getting yoked so i still had a shot with a segment of the female population who doesn't go for romance, but now that he's more about the cannon and less about the bliss it's time to switch gears.

    i guess i'll start with cooking lessons, sensitivity classes and a maybe comedy workshop?

    truly, bruce lee said it best:

    "When the opponent expands, I contract. When he contracts, I expand."

    sigh...but i'm no bruce lee, and bruce lee is no bliss cannon.

  2. in this phase he's also sometimes known as JACKHAMMER CANNON