Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This being a road ‘trip’ movie we needed to find some sort of vehicle to transport our protagonists on their wacky adventure. Hence the PARTY VAN seen above. Said mobile  belongs to fellow artistic crazies the Kid Friendlies, who’s members consist of KID FRIENDLY and his lovely wife WHITE GOLD. K Friendly rivals, actually in some ways surpasses, the All American Success Story in all around success average. The ONLY thing Mr. Friendly feels he lacks is a singing voice similar to Lou Graham, Mike Reno, or the Department of Rock’s Chaz Ross. But the Kid is working on it, and is usually hot tonight.

Now of course we aren’t going to be actually driving this thing around. No. We, are gonna use this little trick called a GREEN SCREEN along with another little trick called COMPOSITING. For in the tradition of Ed Wood meets John Cassavetes we have chosen to shoot a story who’s tone allows us to ‘show the cracks’, in other words this ain’t Transformers Two, so just sit back and enjoy the damn story!

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