Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ladies, read at your own risk

Some Panasonic HMC150 testing happened with none other than BLISS CANNON. 4 billion women in the world right now, 4 BILLION of them, are missing out on the best sex of their life ‘cuz they ain’t laying with the Cannon in the biblical sense this very moment. By his own admission “I don’t date. I make fantasies come true”. Bliss is the master of the soul gaze, a tantric god between the sheets, and one hell of an audio mixer. He took the camera out of the case and went to work shooting stuff around his house. His version of FCP doesn’t work in AVCHD natively, so checked the footage out in apple prores. Looking good... more testing to come... THAT'S BLISS IN THE PIC!!!!


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  2. WARNING: bliss cannon's soul gaze is limitless in it's range and he has NO control over it's power.

    the cannon's eyes have caused some women on the other side of the earth to begin digging their way to america and one has to wonder as bliss looks at the stars, are alien women stirred by it too, and could they possibly be on their way across the galaxy to be with him?

  3. there should be an additional disclaimer... RISK extends to doe-eyed deer and dolphins as well.