Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Our next day of shooting actually began the night before, driving home in the pouring rain, realizing there was no one to let us into the office where we were shooting the next day. A call goes into Donny Paradise. Done.

Up and ready to go the next morning, the Real Deal and Katia start dressing the first of the three rooms being used for three scenes. Of course each one needs to be totally changed. We also have to track down the Hipster extra, who luckily works at the office we’re shooting at.

First up, our first scene with the Alien, so there’s gonna be some make up. Unfortunately we’re once again way under staffed with Suzan Jones our set photographer and make up person also doing sound with Abby on boom. Good thing there’s only one set up for this scene, so it goes by pretty quick, complete with the Real Deal plugging and unplugging Christmas lights.

The Hipster extra arrives, desks have been moved around, fake gold CDs, logos, signs, and cleared posters have been put up. We’re ready for the next scene. Or are we? The Set General comes up with yet another cool idea, resulting in an unorthodox shot you’ll just have to wait for the movie to see.

Our courageous crew moves into the conference room. One of the walls is all glass, so there’s reflection issues galore, especially of the boom. A few flags, cards, and lots of tweaking later, problem solved. Only two set ups here so this goes by pretty quick too, including a little movement with a skateboard dolly.

Gina brings food!!!!!

We then move into the garage where the question of the day is, is there enough available lighting to do some green screen shots with a car? The Set General has borrowed some kenos, the crew holds up some fans, Danger rocks the car(which he owns by the way). It works. 

Jupiter James gets his hard out, the actors leave, the crew packs up and clears out.

photos by Suzan Jones

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