Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Doing a feature on a budget of air ain’t no easy task and certainly ain’t for everyone. You gotta be crazy, REALLY crazy, and REALLY love what you do. As we move forward with this it’s become clear just how much ya need the flat out flexible bro down type. Personalities have become just as important as talent, luckily folks with great personalities are usually pretty talented. You need people willing to go with the flow, especially when there’s not that ‘origination’ professionals types are so used to. You need troopers willing to have an inconvenient day or two or twenty just to get it done. A bunch of weird-ish artistic types as opposed to the full time ‘real’ jober, trying to make a project somehow fit into their already slammed schedule. Stone cold pros who understand this is not some ‘tent pole’ production, but just a bunch of people pooling their talent to make something cool, non-traditional thinkers who flat out love making movies. GETTING THEM MADE!

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