Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DAY 17

Last day for shooting actual scenes.... WE HOPE
First round of actors arrive at said location(where we’re ganging two scenes at one place, the Real Deal way). After taking a good think about the lighting options(or lack of) the Set General decides it’s best to shoot the first scene at night rather than dusk.
And so into the car the General goes to shoot some plates for another scene set at dusk.
Upon the his Generals return, Lord and Lady Deal arrive with all the props, inclusive of a VERY heavy pay phone, which has gotta be lugged up a long-high-STEEP set of stairs.
Said fake heavy prop pay phone gets moved around and around until the perfect spot is found for all proper coverage with the least amount of set ups.... in this case two. An actor who’s in the next scene arrives and is immediately put to work holding a bounce card. 
Another actor, coming later for this one set up ‘we might need it’ scene texts. He’s still on another set, running late.
The prop pay phone scene gets wrapped and the crew moves ahead in time and across town, actually about ten feet for the next scene. We’ve been at this location before, and being a house under construction, it looks quite a bit ‘different’. No problem, it’s night, we keep the shots tight, a perfect match... ish.
The actor on the other set texts again. Dude’s gonna be REALLY late. The Set General’s gotta catch an early plane the next morn for Alaska. So a decision is made to punt on the one set up ‘we might need it’ scene.
The actor texts back... ‘what do you mean by punt?’
The martini is wrapped and it’s all hands on deck to strike, including dragging that damn heavy prop pay phone back down those looooong STEEP stairs.
Last people standing are the Deals and General. The Real Deal can’t find one of his sandbags, so a call goes into Suzan Jones, who brought most of the gear. The multitasking wonder pulls over. Yes, she does have the sandbag. 
And so it ends.... oh how we will miss you principal photography
P.S. as a result of Suzan doing make up, sound, and grip work, the only pics we got for this round ‘o shooting was a few taken with some cheap cell phone.

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