Friday, March 12, 2010

DAY 14

The plan is to meet early at the Set General’s for shooting green screen in the General’s driveway. There’s just one problem:
It’s pouring rain..... POURING RAIN!!!!
Everyone goes from having a call to being on call.
Communication keeps going back and forth.. “is it raining over there?”.... “how about now?”... “how about over there?”
Mid-morning/early afternoon the decision is made to just chance it. Raz is there first, informing everyone that some of the streets around the General’s are now completely flooded. Everyone arrives ready to start shooting. ONLY:
It’s raining again... but not quite as much. So the General and Raz build a ‘rain protector’ for the camera. Raz has brought his too, so we’ll be getting lots more coverage.
The WHOLE Jones family make the one and a half hour drive. Zeke and Dekland push the van to create the ‘illusion’ it’s actually driving. Kelly mans one of the cameras. Suzan does make up, sound, and set photography. Raz is still there manning the other camera. The Set General’s going between DPing, babysitting his daughter, and heating up pizza for lunch.
Shoot, shoot, SHOOT till it’s too dark. Then on to another day.
photos by Suzan Jones

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