Friday, March 19, 2010

DAY 15

NO RAIN!!!... Finally!!
Everyone’s back at the Set Generals, once again using two cameras. Camera number two this time belonging to Mr. Kelly Jones, who’s arrived from another gig with lots of movie making goodies. Only thing we don’t have is extra people. Case in point being the other half of the love story Suzan Jones, doing sound, operating a camera, holding a bounce card, and rocking the van ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!!
Green screen scenes get wrapped and everyone breaks for lunch. 
Till we all meet again down town, where much to everyones relief Lord and Lady Deal are waiting.
First up. Reshooting a scene from day 3 where the tone wasn’t quite right. Kelly has broken out even more of his toys, but this has gotta be quick. The location we’re shootin’ at also doubles as an alternative church on weekends. Sos weees gosta be beating all that alternative church traffic. But that’s not our only problem... ain’t gonna be much more sun, leaving very little time to shoot a NEW scene, which hasta now be done with very little coverage. 
Audio-less scenes at dusk.
Van gets driven back to the Set Generals, sos da General can get picked up, to:
Drive the van back down town for even more audio-less shooting.
The end of ANOTHER long day/night.

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