Friday, January 7, 2011


Waiting.... to see where and when this flick is gonna screen. Yeah, there’s still be a bit ‘o posting yet to be tweaked, but nothing that can’t be rocked once there’s a call to action.

This is fursure the roughest stage of makin’ a movie... Getting a gang of creative types bonded for long hard hours of throwing down hard core. Wrangling semi-exotic locations and gear. Not a prob... Making sweet music, finding and clearing bitchen tunes, a bad ass opening title sequence, roto scoping and compositing till the cows come home. Done that.

What we can’t do is know the tastes of all those gosh darn festival programers, of which one will say “Why this is the movie I’ve been looking for”. He or she is there... somewhere... sipping a pikes roast, watching the clouds go by, sleeping in.

So we wait. For that next chess move...

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