Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Kardashian Theory

Doesn’t matter what one does, if anything. The masses just gotta know who the heck you are. That’s it! Oh yeah. This, is the society in which we now live.

Exposure trumps content, makes sense, right? Who isn’t enchanted by the antics of Snooki? Google Snoo... and then... it knows... even before Snoop Dog... SNOOP DOG!

Is the secret to success really just as simple as having nothing more than a kinda gross, yet engaging personality plastered all over a cable reality show? Maybe.

What would Ted Williams, that homeless dude with a rich golden voice, STILL be doing if not for that viral video?

Yes, it’s true. The surest way of making it is putting every effort imaginable into getting your brand out... worrying about any actual content... well, later. Brand recognition, those talented folks able to pull that one off are entertainment’s true heros.

Content without exposure is like clapping in the forest, if no one’s listening... are you really clapping? If no one’s noticing, are you really entertaining?

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