Saturday, January 2, 2010


Everyone arrives at the set bright and early, including said actor who got his times mixed up yesterday. We start getting ready to go. Only now, can’t find said actors wardrobe. EVERYONE begins frantically looking all over the set for a shirt, pants, and hat. They’re no where. Said actor thinks he might have forgotten them, so wakes his roommate. Not there. WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?! Everyone keep frantically looking. Nothing. The actor decides to drive back home, where he’s at least got some pants he can wear, and hopefully find the rest of his threads. There’s been no wardrobe person thus far on this shoot. But will be now, ANOTHER job for someone to be saddled with. The actor leaves. Another actor finally finds said actors shirt buried under the pillows in one of the couches. But no hat or pants. 

THEN, the Set General approaches with a little problem. Actually, a BIG problem for this little production. Our super pro, amazing, much in demand Set General has been called in for another gig, and is HOPPING ON A PLANE TO ALABAMA TOMORROW! Dude’s gotta take it, gig pays huge. Our General has a little girl to feed and big house to pay off. 

Four hours in. Nothing’s been shot, are waiting for an actor to show with his wardrobe, losing our Set General, and don’t know if we can get the mother of all locations back for any more shooting. 

Decisions must be made, and made fast. The Real Deal will call the folks who run the location and see if we can change our call time tomorrow from 10:30AM to 6AM, the Set General will work right up to the time of going the airport, half of Kelly and Suzan Jones a love story will take over as DP(Kelly is one, so cool there), and punt on our last day of shooting at the mother of all locations, where we would have been shooting the mother of all scenes. Everyone involved is completely dedicated to finishing this movie. So that’s just how it’s gotta be. We will return!

Said actor arrives(dude is TOTALLY worth it) with hat and pair of pants, and away we go, more focused than ever.

Drude brings Lunch.

Then it’s back to work, where the actors continue getting stronger, we keep bravely fighting sound issues, and work like mad to make up for lost time.

photos by Suzan Jones