Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Night of the Alien" looking "Out of this World"

In the beginning the question was asked, "How do we make a kick ass movie on no budget?" Well folks, it thrills me to inform you that we may have figured it out. 'Night of the Alien' rocks! I have seen most of the footage up to this point, and I can safely say that we have ourselves a kick ass movie. Of course, I am getting ahead of myself just a little. Everything has to be put down on a timeline and watched from beginning to end, but from what I can tell so far, we have something really special here. It looks great visually, as in big budget great. The actors are a bunch of scene stealers. Everything is cutting together well. Its total symmetry how this thing has come together. A miracle in the making, which I am very happy to be part of :)

Thank you Almighty Universe! (Now lets finish the f---ker ;)

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