Friday, January 22, 2010


Another day of shooting is upon us, and the question on everyone’s mind is “how’s our hero the Real Deal feeling”. The answer? Well, as if he’s made of some kind of indestructible steel the Deal is fully healed and ready to go. 

The Set General still feels like he’s gonna puke.

The plan is to shoot four different locations at D$ abode. Deal likes keepin’ it simple like that, so away we go. Staging areas are set up in the kitchen and front deck, the living room starts becoming completely transformed, a big bag of medieval fighting armor is hauled deep up into the mountainous backyard. WHERE:

Up on said hill Yak must figure out how to put on all said medieval fighting armor. The angles up here are weird, the helmut keeps rolling down the hill, but the Set General as per usual figures it all out(even though he still wants to puke)

Next, a scene tweaked so we can take advantage of D$ AMAZING back porch. Can’t buy production value like THIS kids. RD points out a wood carved heart. The General pans up. We shoot the scene. And move on to:

The kitchen, where we shoot our next scene uncomfortably right next to what has become the cast staging area. MEANWHILE Team Deal continues transforming the living room into a game room, complete with a real asteroids machine.


We’re fighting light AGAIN and have to JAM through the last day scene. Blast through night after night scene with our seven and eleven year old boom operators(they have permits). The Set General STILL wants to puke, but luckily finds the herbal cold shot he thought he lost. The transformed living room gets rapped and we move on up to:

The lair of D$ himself, a ‘lair’ that doesn’t need ANY prepping. This is D$’s world, dude just rolls that way. Karbo does a character based on someone the $ed one is VERY familiar with. D$ in stitches.

We make another day. Tear down and go on home.

photos by Suzan Jones

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