Sunday, May 16, 2010

I think we can do better, part 1

I had read the script a few weeks after Vaughn wrote it. I loved it. Quirky characters on a road trip who happen to save the world. You don't see that often. He talked about getting some "friends" of his as producers on the project to finance it, and I thought "OK, this script is definitely doable on an extremely low budget."

Fast-forward 5 months - The producers hadn't raised a dime, the SAG contract would cost $20,000 just to start it, and Vaughn said the producers wanted to wait 6 more months, which often turns into 6 years. So, Vaughn says "I am not waiting for these producers, I can do it myself, without SAG actors and I can shoot it in my 2 room apartment with no dough!" Realistic? Somewhat. Dramatic? Definitely! AWESOME! I think we can do better and I am on board.

What was I thinking? I've done many projects for people for free in the past and promised myself never again. This time not only was it free, but I would use my own funds, becoming a producer with Vaughn. I would be making a movie I love and believe in; maybe not a bad move. I love the indie film world, film making, and applying my craft: production design. Little did I know at that time, what kind of film we would end up with. SUPERB.

As mid-December approached, our actors fell into place. At a meeting, Vaughn and I were talking and into the office walks a guy who looks exactly like our main character. He is an actor, and we cast him right there and then. From the time I was committed, the project always felt to me that things fell into place. Even if our plans fell apart, I always said to Vaughn, "It's for the best" or "something better will rise from the setback." We had a table read for the cast and I was pumped up.

End of Part 1.

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