Friday, May 7, 2010


Production audio consisted of a 442 mixer and mish mash of sennheiser lavs and boom, which had a fuller sound, but picked up all kinds of extra stuff that could be isolated by the lavs... long as the actors had ‘quiet’ clothing.
The sound department was expertly handled by the Jones family. THE WHOLE JONES FAMILY... Kelly, Suzan, Zeke, and Dekland, who(and don’t let the ages fool ya) both have work permits.
For the first day of shooting we used a boom and another sennheiser mounted on the camera. The boom sounded pretty good, but the mounted mic sounded horrible. So:
On the second day we used just the boom. 
Same for days 3 - 5.... NOT too fun for Kelly, who thus far was pretty much a one man gang except when he was shooting then Suzan was a one girl gang, so during the forced break:
Kelly borrows five lavs and we stop using the boom, until:
The mother of all scenes, where up to eleven actors all had lines in the same scene, for that we used all the lavs and boom. Then:
Another forced break, we lost all the laves so borrowed one from Raz to go along with Kelly’s. This is how we shot all the green screen scenes.
Last couple days it was back to using two lavs and a boom.
Over all we got very good production sound on a budget of space air.
photos by Suzan Jones


  1. 文章是心情的反應~~祝妳天天寫的都是讓人開心的好文章哦!! ........................................

  2. Don't forget that the lovely Mrs. Jones was also Boltron's HAIR and MAKEUP SAVIOR throughout the film. I could not have gotten through it without her!