Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Mid-way thought posting it becomes clear. GOTTA SHOOT SOME MORE STUFF.
Could today be that day? Lets hope.
Early afternoon starts with a Set General and Raz pow wow about making a shot list. Raz has been compositing and we need more plates, especially for the frontal shots of the van. The General and Raz look at stuff, make a list, and off we go:
To Santa Clarita to shoot plates. Turn off onto a country road. The General gets in back, with all the math in his head for getting just the right shots needed along this stretch of road, inclusive of going the right speed. He shots right, left, straight ahead. Then:
More plates on the 14 & 5 freeways, staying in the left-ist of lanes for the greatest of depth. Then:
More plates on the road to nowhere in Burbank, took like forever to find, but is the road to nowhere. A little desert town in Burbank? Who’d a thought?
Wait for dusk. Then:
Shoot MORE plates in Eagle Rock, need a funky town look? Eagle Rock is pretty funky. Then:
Meet the Deals at Gina’s to get a newly needed establishing shot. One of the actors in this teeny-tiny scene is out of town so good ‘ol Gint is there to double. Ironically the costume said character’s been wearing in the movie actually belongs to Gint. The scene is wide, at night, so no one will hardly be be able to tell.
As per usual, we don’t have enough lights, so the General has Gina turn her car in the scene’s direction, turn on the cars lights, and Wha-la... scene is lit.
Grab another establishing shot in this same location. Then:
The General heads to East Hollywood for the last(WE HOPE) shot of the flick, conveniently the location is right by where another movie the General also shot is screening.

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