Sunday, May 16, 2010


Reed Papadopoulos is no stranger to me. In a way, I’ve known him for years, and so when Vaughn needed to give him a breath of life, we went to the source—Gint, of course.
The similarities between Reed and Gint are numerous. Gint injured both his arms fighting in a medieval combat sport tournament—so did Reed. Both have scars from the resulting surgery. Both wear the same green tunic. And both know the significance of lemons and cloves, baby.
So we raided Gint’s armory. Weapons, helmets, plate mail—he has it all, and we posted pics for Vaughn and Rob to review. Rob took what he needed, which was a lot--he was using the props and costumes for various locations.
When Gint showed up at my house the day of filming, I wasn’t sure what would happen when he and Reed met up. Would one of them disappear? Like Superman and Clark Kent, I wasn’t sure which was the guy from Krypton and which was the mild-mannered reporter. You never see them at the same time. But neither disappeared, and in fact they were happy to see each other since it had been a while.
They worked on a couple of moves with some foam swords. Santino joined in since he knows his way around a weapon. Cute but scary—I stayed out of the way.
Later in the evening, Reed went to Gint’s house to try on the armor and take a few swipes at the pell, which is a striking target. In the end, I was able to tell Reed and Gint apart, but they are still like brothers of the sword.

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